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Welcome to the Lambeth Pensioners Action Group web site.

bullet point LAMPAG was founded in 1979. LAMPAG is an action group run by pensioners for pensioners. We are a non-party, non-sectarian multi ethnic group which upholds the principles of Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Choice. Our aim is to defend the interests of today’s and tomorrow’s pensioners. Our objective is to secure dignity, respect, better pensions, healthy living, financial security, appropriate home and housing, environmental and mental health support.

bullet point We are entirely self-funded through membership subscriptions, donations and the occasional award or grant.

bullet point We are affiliated to the National Pensioners’ Convention and alongside pensioners throughout the country we fight for the principles set out in the Pensioners’ Charter including the right to a pension above the poverty level for men and women and for free health care services.

Our recently published Pensioner's Manifesto also outlines the guiding principles that we as an organsation seek to maintain.

Lambeth Pensioners Action Group


MONDAY 20th May, 2024
Room 16 Lambeth Town Hall

12.00pm to 2.30pm

The Way Forward
Facilitator: David Horsley LAMPAG member